EXIT at a Glance

Name, headquarters: EXIT
8032 Zürich
Tel: 043 343 38 38
Fax: 043 343 38 39
Mail: info@exit.ch
Date founded: 03 April 1982
Legal form: Society with by-laws, most recently revised on 28 May 2016.
Mission: Self-determined living and dying
Spheres of activity: Living wills, palliative care through own foundation, counselling in case of illness or old-age issues, suicide prevention, physician-assisted suicides
Membership fees: 45.00 Swiss Francs p.a. or 1'100 Swiss Francs for Lifetime
Bodies / commissions: General assembly, board, Business Audit Commission, External Audit Agency, Ethics Commission, Sponsorship Committee
Accounting / statements of account: Pursuant to generally accepted accounting principles (Art. 959+, Swiss Code of Obligations) and adjusted to reflect the professional recommendations for charitable, social non-profit organisations (Swiss GAAP FER 21).

Some Essential Key Ratios 31.12.2017

Membership count: around 110 000
there of lifetime members: 21 000
Number of living wills: around 75 000
Requests for physician-assisted suicides: more than 3 500 annually
Approved after thorough review: about 1031
Actual physician-assisted suicides: about 734
Office: 23 full-time positions, shared by 31 staff
Physician-assisted suicide: 36 trained volunteer physician-assisted suicide attendants
Membership fee total: CHF 7 million
Donations: CHF 699 000

Selected Key Positions of the Year-End Balance Sheet:

Property owned outright: CHF 13 million
Financial assets: CHF 10 million
Provisions for members with lifetime membership: CHF 16,8 million
Earmarked funds: CHF 5 million
Liquid funds: CHF 0.8 million